Ryan White Program


A patient must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • South Carolina resident

Rights and Responsibilities

As a patient of the Ryan White Wellness Center, you have certain rights and responsibilities.


  • To be treated with respect and consideration
  • To receive equal and unbiased treatment in accordance with all federal and state laws
  • To have all medical information treated within the guidelines of HIPAA
  • To have all needed information about the Care Program explained to you 
  • To receive culturally and linguistically appropriate care and information appropriate for you


  • To be honest with staff about income and insurance coverage
  • To ask questions until you understand 
  • To complete your yearly re-enrollment in a timely manner *
  • To provide staff with all necessary information to ensure you receive appropriate services
  • To treat all staff with respect and consideration

* Federal guidelines for the Ryan White Part C grant requires a yearly re-enrollment. Failure to complete this could result in loss of coverage for medical care.

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