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Patient Information for Endoscopic Procedures

Prior to your scheduled test or procedure, you will receive a call from the hospital to confirm registration and insurance information. This helps to shorten the time required to get checked-in when you arrive on the day of the procedure.

A nurse from the Endoscopy Center will also call you to explain what to expect and answer any questions that you have about the procedure. The nurse will ask about your health history including any allergies you have and the medications you are currently taking. This will shorten the time needed to get you ready on the day of the procedure.

When you arrive at the hospital, please have a list of your allergies, current medications and any major illnesses or hospitalizations. For your safety, we want to be sure that your health history is updated on the day of your test. 

On the day of the procedure, you will check in at outpatient services and be escorted to the endoscopy area. A nurse will explain your procedure and answer any questions. If you will receive sedation for the procedure, the nurse will start an IV and confirm information on your health history and be asked to sign a form giving your doctor consent to proceed with the procedure.

The doctor will talk to you after the procedure is over. The medicine you receive may make it difficult to remember what the doctor or nurses tell you after the procedure. It is helpful to have someone with you who can also hear the instructions, stay with you on the day of the procedure, and to drive you home.

Roper St. Francis Healthcare Endoscopy wants to ensure patients and their families have all the and instructions that will be helpful. If you have questions or need further information, please ask your doctor or feel free to contact the Endoscopy Center. 

Get general information or visit the tests and procedures section for information specific to your upcoming endoscopy procedure.



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