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Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - Roper St. Francis Healthcare trying to finalize contract with Cigna

Roper St. Francis Healthcare’s participation in Cigna’s health insurance network potentially could end on April 30.

We are committed to working in good faith to reach an agreement with Cigna while also seeking a fair and long-term partnership.

Roper St. Francis Healthcare has been relentless in trying to come to terms with Cigna so we can continue to provide in-network care to its patients. We began negotiating in the summer of 2018 before our current agreement was set to expire on Dec. 31, 2018, and we have granted Cigna two extensions so we can finalize a new contract. Despite these efforts, we have not yet been able to finalize a new contract with Cigna.

If we can’t reach a mutually beneficial agreement with Cigna on or before April 30, our facilities and employed physicians will be considered out-of-network for all Cigna members who receive care at Roper St. Francis Healthcare. Our Eye Center, Home Care, Hospice and Behavioral Health services will not be impacted. Cigna represents 4.7 percent of Roper St. Francis Healthcare’s net patient service revenues. 

Our objective is simple: to ensure an equitable partnership that continues in-network access to our excellent physicians, hospitals and teammates.

We are continuing efforts to negotiate a new contract with Cigna for the benefit of our patients and the community we serve. Our mission is to care for ALL people with compassion, faith and excellence, and we will make every effort to resolve this matter before it impacts you, our valued patients.

If you have additional questions about our negotiations with Cigna, please call our Contact Center at 843-823-2000.
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