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Physician Partners

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners is a comprehensive network of more than 230 physicians that covers a complete range of primary care and 20 subspecialties.

Physician Partners has physician practices in five counties throughout South Carolina providing our community convenient, comprehensive and compassionate healthcare.

Our practices cover a wide range of primary care medical services, including family practice, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics and Express/Urgent Care. Specialty care, such as cardiology, orthopaedics, geriatrics, endocrinology, neurosurgery and general surgery are also provided in select locations.

View our practices by specialty below or search for a doctor in our online physician directory.

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Welcome to Your Medical Home We’re Improving Physician Partners For You.

To demonstrate our commitment to providing the highest quality healthcare, we have achieved Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition for 20 of our Primary Care practices from the National Committee for Quality Assurance – a national leader in evaluating healthcare quality and value. Earning this designation take a lot of hard work, but our patients are worth it.


Laboratory Services

The Roper St. Francis Physicians Partner laboratory testing facility is located on Leeds Avenue in North Charleston. In addition, to this location there are seven laboratory collection sites conveniently located through the Lowcountry.

View our laboratory locations.




Hematology / Oncology

Steven Akman, MD

Lowcountry Hematology & Oncology
Daud Nawabi, MD
Gretchen Meyer, MD
Matthew Beldner, MD
Yanis Bellil, MD
Ryan Kalinsky, MD
Mark Burbridge, DO



Roper St. Francis Hospitalist Services
James Anoia, MD
Mary Applebaum, MD
Brooke Bond, MD
Amanda Bright, MD
Thomas Cooney, MD
Scott Davidson, MD
Paul Donatelli, MD
Sorin Florea, MD
John Flynn, MD
James Hawk, MD
Suvarna Lodhia, MD
Marc Rucquoi, MD
Juli Schneider, MD
Carroll Smith, MD
Iulian Sora, MD
Ann Surprenant, MD
Rachel Thomas, MD
Theodore Thompson, MD
Marcelino Yera-Paez, MD



John Walker, MD
Heather Will, MD

Neurological Surgery

Charleston Neurosurgical Associates
Byron Bailey, MD
Brian Cuddy, MD
James "Reilly" Keffer, DO
George Khoury, MD
John Steichen, MD
Morgan Stuart, MD

Neurosurgery and Spine Specialists of Charleston
Artur Pacult, MD
Curtis Worthington, MD

Palliative Care

Roper St. Francis Palliative Care Partners
Angus S. Baker, MD
R. Scott Lake, MD
Tiffany Richter, DO
Michael Willoughby, MD
Beth Wolf, MD

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners - Behavioral Medicine

Samuel Rosen, MD
Bianca Jardin, PhD
John Gentry, MD
Sarah Coker, MD
Maggie Wilkes, MD
Maia Gill, PhD

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners - Bariatric Surgery
Kenneth Mitchell, MD
Bryan Thomas, MD

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners - Breast Surgery
Megan Baker, MD
Paul Baron, MD

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners - Cardiology

John Ciccone, MD
Kristen Nawabi, MD
Barney Beaver, MD 


Roper St. Francis Physician Partners - Cardiothoracic Surgery
Elizabeth Kline, MD
Curtis Quinn, MD
Scott Ross, MD
John Spratt, MD
Matthew Toole, MD

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners - Colorectal Surgery
Anthony Firilas, MD
Jorge Lagares-Garcia, MD, FACS, FASCRS

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners - Endocrinology

Kimberly Pugh, MD
Louis Haenel, DO
Sherif Yacoub, MD
Jaimin Patel, DO 

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners- General Surgery
David Baird, MD
Walter “Bo” Blessing, MD
Robert “Casey” Fitts, MD
George Grice, MD
J. Chris Hawk, MD
Daniel Kirchoff, MD
David Lucas, MD
Telfair Parker, MD
Damon Simpson, MD
Henry West, MD
Stanley Wilson, MD

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners - OB/GYN
Susanne Bradford, MD
Lauri Bullen, MD
Elaine Eustis, MD
Lindsay Foley, MD
Kenosha Gleaton, MD
Karen Hallmark, MD
Edward Huggins, MD
Caroline Keller, MD
Meghan Lynch, MD
Steven McLees, MD
Joyce Noriega, MD, FACOG
Eleanor Oakman, MD
Megan Pallay, MD
Betty Raney, MD
Phyllis Rogerson, MD
Vic Weinstein, MD, FACOG

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners - Occupational Medicine
Edward Galaid, MD

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners - Orthopaedics
Jeffrey Armstrong, DPM
James Aymond, MD
Reginal Brooker, MD
Kenneth Caldwell, MD
William Carroll, MD
James Demarco, MD
John Ernst, MD
Waddell Gilmore, MD
John Graham, MD
Marshall Hay, MD
Marshall Kalinsky, DPM
Joshua Lamb, MD
Robert Lowery, MD
John Marino, DPM
John McCrosson, MD
John McFadden, MD
Heather McIntosh, MD
Keith Merrill, MD
William Muirhead, MD
Patrick Murray, MD
Blake Ohlson, MD
James Price, MD
Brian Ralph, DPM
Harry Rudolph, MD
Robert Schoderbek, MD
Brett Young, MD
Kimberly Young, MD







Roper St. Francis Physician Partners - Primary Care
Edgar Barnard, MD
Brooke Benson, MD
Sheela Bhattacharyya, MD
Lynn Brook, MD
Stephen Busby, MD
Robert Cain, MD
Kam Chan, MD
Rhonda Chanson, MD
William Clare, MD
Milton Costa, MD
Susan Datta, MD
John Davis, MD
Paul Deaton, MD
Nichole DeBerry, MD
Ted Dunn, MD
Maria Dzierko-Trojanowksa, MD
Robert Eads, MD
Kristin Earley, DO
Mitchell Earley, DO
William Epperson, MD
Mark Erich, MD
Scott Evans, MD
Frank "Strait" Fairey, MD
James Fayssoux, MD
Lynn Feldman, DO
Andrew Flandry, MD
John Flaugher, MD
Amy Forren, DO
Cheri Franklin, MD
Katherine Frizelle, MD
William Gammon, MD
Abigail Gass, MD
Charles Geer, MD
Edward Giove, DO
Douglas Gleaton, MD
Tatayana Gluzberg, MD
Jennifer Goddard, MD
Lloyd Hepburn, MD
Cary Hickman, MD
Barbara Hildreth, MD
JoAnn Hiott, MD
Shanon Honney, MD
Frances Hughes, MD
Aaron Hyson, MD
Alexis Jesup, MD
John Karl, MD
Dianne Kassur, MD
Barry Katz, MD
TuAhn Khuu, MD
Laura Kinney, MD
Allston Kitchens, MD
Gary Kuhns, MD
Keith Lackey, MD
Melissa Linton, MD
Irwin Linton, MD
Jedidiah Litsey, MD
Levern Livingston, MD
William Maguire, MD
David Mahoney, MD
Kopriva Marshall, MD
Karen McCutcheon, MD
Christopher McLain, MD
Mark McLaughlin, MD
Daniel McMahon, MD
Emily Mika, MD
Michael Mikola, MD
Richard Mills, MD
Elizabeth Murray, MD
Brendan Neary, MD
Nicholas Noblet, MD
Swapna Omraju, MD
Noemi Pagan, MD
Theodore Pappas, MD
Thomas Rives, MD
George Rosebrock, MD
John Rowe, MD
Valerie Scott, MD
Stephen Silbiger, MD
Scott Smith, MD
Charles Smith, MD
William Snyder, MD
Karen Thomas, MD
Hugh Thompson, MD
Chandler Todd, MD
Leah Trantham, MD
Erika Urban, MD
Nicole Watson, MD
Johnny Weeks, MD
Travis Wilkes, MD
Lisa Wright, MD
Anthony Yuen, DO

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners - Pulmonology

Tal Klatchko, DO
Jason Huet, MD
Michael Spandorfer, MD
Cindy Bowen, MD

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners - Urology
Jonathan Donaldson, MD
Alan Fogle, MD
Stanley Hall, MD
M. Francie James, MD
Dennis Kubinski, MD
Jonathan Picard, MD






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