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Nursing Careers

Roper St. Francis offers a range of employment opportunities for nurses. These include full, part-time and as needed positions at Roper Hospital, Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, Mount Pleasant Hospital, our primary care and specialty physician practices and other outlying locations. The Roper St. Francis Foundation supports our committed, high performing nurses interested in advancing their career with our tuition reimbursement scholarship program. 

Mobile Resource Pool at Roper St. Francis
The Mobile Resource Pool is a system-wide nurse float pool for Roper, Bon Secours St. Francis and Mount Pleasant hospitals that rewards clinical skill and commitment to flexibility. RNs may choose from several options designed to give personal choice of salary, schedules and float requirements to best meet your lifestyle and career needs.

Mobile Resource Pool options include:
  • A minimum hourly commitment of 24 hours per pay period
  • A minimum weekend commitment of one shift per 4 weeks (change to 6 weeks)
  • Eligibility for shift, weekend and holiday differentials
  • Additional compensation for floating between specialty areas

Nursing Pipeline
Roper St. Francis is committed to nurturing and assisting new nurses as they develop and refine clinical skills and critical thinking. The Nursing Pipeline, developed by the Nursing Resources/Mobile Resource, takes recent nursing graduates and has them work alongside and under the supervision of a Clinical Coach-Registered Nurse throughout their entire internship/orientation to enhance clinical skills.   

Pipeline Requirements:
The program requires applicants to hold a minimum of a baccalaureate preparation and current licensure as a Registered Nurse in South Carolina or other recognized compact state. Pipeline is a temporary position lasting no longer than six months and is not benefits eligible. The RN Pipeline positions are posted based on availability on our Careers section. The orientation consists of a 10-12 week curriculum with an opportunity for extension if mutually agreed upon by the clinical coaches and manager.

RN Pipeline Benefits:
  • Internal applicants and Pipeline RN’s will have the opportunity to learn of new available positions first.  
  • If you are hired into a position before your orientation is over you will be assigned a new clinical coach on your new unit. 
  • If you do not have a permanent position by the end of your orientation you may be placed on long term FMLA vacancies, unit-based vacancies, etc. This will allow for continued development of your skills while you fill vacancies under the guidance of a mentor. 
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