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Make Every Moment Matter

Small moments can have a big health impact. Roper St. Francis encourages you to make every moment matter for your health and well-being, so here are some easy, small ways to do that. Let us know what's your favorite way to get the most health benefit out of your everyday activities by sharing with us on Facebook.

Go out for lunch

Looking for a great way to relieve stress and get some fresh air and sun-fueled vitamin D?  Then try going out for lunch. 

Just be sure to avoid pre-packaged items and instead pack a picnic filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. The walk to your perfect spot offers great exercise along with the mental health benefits of spending a special moment with people you love.

Find a Walking Partner

Did you know a daily walk can greatly improve your health?  It reduces your risk for heart disease, helps you achieve a healthy weight and even improves your balance. 

To gain all of these health benefits, why not find a walking partner?  There are hundreds of dogs just waiting to be rescued at our local shelters.  Adopt a walking partner this year, and save two lives – an animal’s and possibly your own.

Get in a daily run

There’s no denying the benefits of daily exercise. It controls your weight, elevates your energy and even boosts your mood.  However, we all know it can be hard to squeeze in daily work out.

Be creative when looking for daily exercise moments. Pick the furthest parking spot. Always take the stairs. Dance during commercials. And yes, chasing the kids around counts too.

Make time for friends

Making time for friends can improve your health. Friends make everyday moments more fun and are supportive during the tough times. Friends help reduce stress and are your biggest cheerleaders when it comes to sticking to a diet or exercise plan.

Do your health a favor and call up one of your friends to go for a walk, enjoy a healthy meal or even jump some rope.

Lift some weights

Lifting weights isn’t just for jocks, in fact it’s something nearly all of us should be doing. Weight lifting builds strong bones and helps maintain muscle mass that naturally decreases with age. Lifting weights is also a great way to lose weight because muscle helps burn calories.

Of course, you should start slow and get the right weight lifting equipment. But in a pinch milk jugs, bags of rice or even your kids will do.

Veg out

Gardening is great exercise. It increases flexibility and balance along with burning calories. But, the benefits of gardening go beyond the physical. Gardens are an oasis of calm in a hectic world. 

People who grow their own food also tend to eat healthier overall. Vegging out provides an abundance of the freshest, healthiest foods just outside your door. If you can’t create your own garden, take advantage of our local farmers’ markets.

Find a doctor who can help get you started on your path to wellness.

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