Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Program

Roper St. Francis Cancer Care has the experts and experience you need when diagnosed with lung cancer, esophageal cancer, or other cancers in the chest. Our Multidisciplinary Thoracic Oncology Program (MTOP) offers advanced treatments, while emphasizing the personalized, compassionate care that is a hallmark of Roper St. Francis.

Our program features specialized doctors and one of the nation’s most experienced teams. We are also in the forefront when it comes to treating inoperable lung tumors with CyberKnife. And most importantly, our five year survival rate surpasses both state and national levels.

When you come to Roper St. Francis Cancer Care, you will be evaluated by a team of thoracic experts in our care clinic. This team has more than 400 combined years of experience in thoracic oncology. We also provide each of our patients with a dedicated patient navigator to offer support and guidance through every stage of treatment and recovery.

Each patient is presented for review at our weekly thoracic multidisciplinary conference. This allows an all inclusive, state of the art plan to be made and customized to the individual patient.

Our Team
Our cancer experts work closely together to provide all of the clinical resources you need during your treatment. Your team includes thoracic surgeons, radiation oncologists, pulmonologists, GI medicine doctors, medical oncologists, interventional radiologists, pathologists, nutritionists, social workers, and medical specialists who play an integral part in your care. Our team approach ensures you get the most comprehensive, well-coordinated treatment possible.

You will also have access to support services including nutritional counseling; integrative therapies such as pain management and palliative specialists; and, mental health professionals.

Advanced Technologies, Innovative Treatments
Lung cancer and other chest cancers often require multiple modalities of treatment. Each of our patients is evaluated by our cancer experts, both at our care clinic and within the weekly conference, to create a customized treatment plan. In addition, Roper St. Francis’ partnership with the Levine Cancer Institute means our patients have access to clinical trials not offered elsewhere in the region.

Roper St. Francis Cancer Care offers:
  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment planning
  • State-of-the-art minimally invasive staging procedures
  • Advanced surgical options including robotic and other minimally invasive approaches
  • Access to CyberKnife and a highly experienced radiosurgical team using precise technologies for non-surgical treatment of tumors
  • Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB)
  • Pulmonary Nodule Clinic 
  • Access to national clinical trials
  • A full-range of support services for patients and families
  • Integration of long term aftercare with your primary care physician
  • Our outcomes, both surgical and nonsurgical, surpass national benchmarks.

Patient Navigator
A thoracic cancer diagnosis comes with many unanswered questions and concerns. Our patient navigators are here to guide you during every stage of your diagnosis, and we encourage patients to contact us soon after they learn they have cancer so we can begin helping right away. This free service is available to all thoracic cancer patients. You may self-refer into our navigation program.

To contact a nurse navigator or for more information about the program call, (843) 724-2747.
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