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Becoming a Breast Cancer Patient

A cancer diagnosis comes with many unanswered questions and concerns. Each cancer journey is personal and unique and Roper St. Francis is here to guide you during every stage of your diagnosis and treatment. Our program provides a patient navigator for every patient to serve as their central point during their treatment. Patient navigators are in place immediately after diagnosis to provide patients with emotional support, education and guidance. We encourage patients to contact us soon after they learn they have cancer so we can connect them with a navigator.

How your Cancer Patient Navigator can help
Our nurse navigators work directly with the patient and family to develop a program of support that is designed to meet their specific needs. The navigators are able to:

  • Provide information and support at the time of a new diagnosis, recurrence or end of life.
  • Serve as a knowledgeable clinical resource on many issues, including symptom management and family support needs.
  • Be a familiar, consistent source of support between treatment settings (surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, doctor’s office, hospital, clinic)

Is there a cost for the program?
The Cancer Patient Navigation Programs is completely free of charge.

Get started with a navigator
You may self-refer into the Cancer Patient Navigation Program. To contact a nurse navigator to get started or for more information about the program call (843) 727-8524.

Kelly Hauschild, CHHP
ACS Patient Resource Navigator (843) 830-9727
Kelly meets with newly diagnosed patients to identify individual needs and connect them with resources available through Roper St. Francis, the American Cancer Society and community. She assists with general cancer education, financial and insurance information, transportation needs, nutritional counseling and support group options. Kelly has a bachelor of science in exercise science, a certificate in plant based nutrition from eCornell, is certified as a Food for Life instructor and is a board certified holistic health practitioner. 

Jody McCrain
Cancer Wellness Navigator
Jody McCrain has nearly a decade of experience helping oncology patients and families get the support and resources they need. She has worked as an inpatient case manager for 14 years and for the last four years has specialized in helping oncology patients navigate the complexities of cancer treatment in the hospital setting. As the Cancer Wellness Navigator, McCrain brings a passion for supporting and advocating for cancer patients throughout their journey and is a key part of a multidisciplinary team.


Shelley Usher, BSN, RN
Breast and Neuro Clinical Nurse Navigator
Shelley has extensive oncology experience with an emphasis on women’s cancers. She has worked with cancer patients in both the inpatient and office setting. She serves as centralized point of contact for her patients. She is available to more thoroughly explain a diagnosis or treatment. Shelley believes in the power of education when it comes to managing a cancer diagnosis. 

Elizabeth Strojny RN, MSN, OCN
Lung and Esophageal Nurse Navigator (843) 727-8524
Elizabeth earned an advanced nursing degree and is certified in oncology and chemotherapy/biotherapy administration. She has extensive experience in the oncology patient care setting including inpatient, outpatient and research. For our lung and esophageal cancer patients Elizabeth is a consistent point of contact that is available throughout every stage of the cancer journey.

Melissa McDonough, MSN, MAOM, RN
GI/GU Clinical Nurse Navigator
Melissa holds advanced degrees in both nursing and organizational management. She has worked in ambulatory care, the operating and recovery rooms (OR and PACU) as well as in acute care and case management. She has served as an RN both in the military and government. Melissa has personal experience with cancer and a special interest in cancer research with an emphasis on recurrence prevention.

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