Supporting Moms
Supporting Moms
Sisters Share Special Moment
Sisters Share Special Moment
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Patient Resources

We encourage patients to take advantage of the numerous educational and support resources available, including helpful video presentations, useful Web sites, classes and events, wellness tools and educational materials.
Classes, Events and Support Groups

One of our many missions at Roper St. Francis is to provide information and education designed to promote health and wellness to our patients and throughout our community. We accomplish this through classes, programs and special events such as health fairs. Browse our calendar of events for upcoming programs.  


Educational Materials

C-Section Surgical Site Infection Prevention
Baby Friendly Designation
A New Beginning
A New Beginning- Spanish version
40 Reasons To Go The Full 40- English
40 Reasons To Go The Full 40- Spanish 


Health Library

Roper St. Francis' comprehensive library and guide covering common health topics. Get the latest information on diseases and conditions, medical procedures, healthy lifestyles, medications and daily health news.


Helpful Links
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist, (800) 762-ACOG    
Babynet Central Directory,  (843) 792-4373 
Beechnut Nutrition Corporation Helpline, (800) 523-6633 
Bosom Buddies (Mastectomy), (843) 556-4470
Breastfed for the best start

Center for Women 
Consumer Product Safety Commission    
Doulas of North America
Medela Breastpumps and Breastfeeding Accessories  
Naming Your Baby    
Parents Anonymous, (843) 529-3200    
Postpartum Support International, (805) 967-7636  
The Ruth Rhoden Craven Foundation (local contact: Helena Bradford), (843) 881-2047    



Video Library

Our video library offers an extensive collection of videos and animations on women's health issues and topics. 



Wellness Tools
Easy-to-use tools that give you a snapshot of your likelihood to develop common conditions. Get insight into your health with informative quizzes, risk assessments and calculators. They're fun, quick, and give you important information for managing your health.