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I Got My Confidence Back
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Getting My Old Self Back
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Sisters Share Spcial Moment
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They Saved My LIfe
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Baby-Friendly Designation

Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital is the first in Charleston to be named Baby-Friendly. By achieving Baby-Friendly USA status, Mount Pleasant Hospital is demonstrating the highest level of commitment to helping a new mother breastfeed. In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave Mount Pleasant Hospital a perfect score on their Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care survey.

What makes a Baby-Friendly Hospital special?

  • All staff are specially trained and dedicated to helping new mothers breastfeed.
  • Newborn babies stay close to their mothers, so they can nurse as soon as they are ready.
  • Babies are encouraged to stay in the room with their parents.
  • Only 166 hospitals out of 3,200 nationwide have earned a Baby-Friendly designation.
  • We support all new mothers in whichever method they choose to feed their baby.
  • All well babies are put skin to skin with their mothers after delivery - including C-sections deliveries in the operating room.


Physicians with privileges to deliver at the Roper Mount Pleasant Hospital:

    Wade Boatwright, MD
    Susanne Bradford, MD

    Lauri Bullen, MD

    William Dennis, MD

    Robert Flowers, MD

    Kenosha Gleaton, MD


    Karen Hallmark, MD
    Caroline Keller, MD

    Meghan Lynch, MD

    Olumide Mughelli, MD

    Eleanor Oakman, MD

    Phyllis Rogerson, MD