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Make Every Moment Matter
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National Health News

8/22/2014, College Prep 101
8/22/2014, Cosmetic Eye Procedure May Ease Migraines, Small Study Says
8/22/2014, Counseling Does Little to Deter Youth Drinking, Review Finds
8/22/2014, Food Allergies More Common Among Inner City Kids, Study Finds
8/22/2014, Health Highlights: Aug. 22, 2014
8/22/2014, Health Tip: Healthy Grilling Options
8/22/2014, Health Tip: Incorporating Flexibility Training
8/22/2014, Low-Nicotine Cigarettes May Not Lead to More Smoking
8/22/2014, Many Americans Harbor Unfounded Fears About Ebola Outbreak: Survey
8/22/2014, Many U.S. Workers on Disability Use Narcotic Painkillers, Study Finds
8/22/2014, Simple Steps Make Shots Less Scary for Kids, Nurse Says
8/21/2014, Air in U.S. Cities Getting Cleaner, EPA Says
8/21/2014, Blacks May Face Higher Risk of Diabetes-Linked Vision Loss
8/21/2014, Both U.S. Health-Care Workers Infected With Ebola Released From Hospital
8/21/2014, Consumer Reports Advises Pregnant Women to Avoid Tuna
8/21/2014, Failing Vision Tied to Shorter Lifespans for Seniors
8/21/2014, Fewer U.S. Teens Using Sunscreen, Study Finds
8/21/2014, Getting Healthier a Big Money-Saver for People With Diabetes
8/21/2014, Health Highlights: Aug. 21, 2014
8/21/2014, Health Tip: Help Keep Teen Drivers Safe
8/21/2014, Health Tip: When Your Child Is Afraid to Sleep
8/21/2014, Kids With Autism Have Extra Brain Connections, Study Says
8/21/2014, Low Birth Weights May Put Black Women at Risk for Diabetes
8/21/2014, New Drug May Fight Serious Respiratory Virus in Infants
8/21/2014, New Test Helps Diagnose Type 1 Diabetes
8/21/2014, Racial Disparities in Breast-Feeding May Start With Hospitals, Study Suggests
8/21/2014, Talk Therapy Plus Meds May Be Best for Severe Depression
8/21/2014, Two Polio Vaccines May Give Greater Protection Against Crippling Disease
8/21/2014, U.S. to Tighten Access to Certain Narcotic Painkillers
8/20/2014, Blood Transfusions May Cut Risk of 'Silent' Stroke in Kids With Sickle Cell
8/20/2014, Botox Tested on Stomach Cancer in Mice
8/20/2014, Cerdelga Approved for Gaucher Disease
8/20/2014, Drug for Ebola-Like Virus Shows Promise in Monkeys
8/20/2014, Exercise May Guard Against Irregular Heartbeat in Older Women
8/20/2014, Health Highlights: Aug. 20, 2014
8/20/2014, Health Tip: Soothing Psoriasis on the Feet
8/20/2014, Health Tip: Strengthening Your Brain
8/20/2014, High-Risk Melanomas Often on Head or Neck, Study Finds
8/20/2014, Many Women Who Have Mastectomy Don't Get Breast Reconstruction: Study
8/20/2014, Pigs' Hearts Beat for a Year in Baboons' Abdomens
8/20/2014, Seals, Sea Lions Helped Global Spread of TB, Study Finds
8/20/2014, Seniors' Sleep Woes May Be Linked to Loss of Brain Cells
8/20/2014, Study Ties Colds, Flu to Rare Risk of Stroke in Kids
8/20/2014, Tight Blood Pressure Control Doesn't Raise Risk of Falls, Study Says
8/20/2014, Want to Stay Slim? Leave the Car at Home
8/19/2014, 2 Vaccines Help Cut Bacteria That Cause Meningitis, Study Finds
8/19/2014, All Pregnant Women Need Flu Shot: Ob/Gyn Group
8/19/2014, Antibiotic Might Raise Heart Risks for Some
8/19/2014, 'Bubble Boy' Disease May Be More Common Than Thought
8/19/2014, Certain Antipsychotic Meds Tied to Kidney Problems in Elderly
8/19/2014, Certain Symptoms Can Delay Lupus Diagnosis, Researchers Report
8/19/2014, Education Linked to Activity Levels During the Week
8/19/2014, Fitness May Boost Kids' Brainpower
8/19/2014, For Kids, Risks of Parental Smoking Persist Long-Term, Study Finds
8/19/2014, Health Highlights: Aug. 19, 2014
8/19/2014, Health Tip: Have Jaw Pain?
8/19/2014, Health Tip: Teach Children Not to Waste Food
8/19/2014, Hospital Discharge a Key Time to Help Smokers Quit
8/19/2014, Many With Schizophrenia Say They're Happy: Study
8/19/2014, When Parents Need Care, Daughters Carry the Burden: Study
8/18/2014, Big Drop in U.S. Heart-Related Hospitalizations and Deaths, Study Finds
8/18/2014, Childhood Mental Disability Rates Up, Study Finds
8/18/2014, Co-Workers Take Dim View of Women Who Seek Flex Time: Study
8/18/2014, Doctors ID New Ways to Get More Kids Vaccinated
8/18/2014, Good Neighbors Are Good for Your Heart, Study Says
8/18/2014, Health Highlights: Aug. 18, 2014
8/18/2014, Health Tip: Practice a Well-Balanced Exercise Program
8/18/2014, Health Tip: Reducing Your Chances of Heart Disease if You Have Diabetes
8/18/2014, Implantable Heart Devices Work, Regardless of Race: Study
8/18/2014, Lunchbox Hygiene Helps Prevent Foodborne Illness, Expert Says
8/18/2014, More Children Hit by Cars in September, Experts Say
8/18/2014, Study: Many Seniors Get Unnecessary Cancer Tests
8/18/2014, Study: Vigorous Exercise Seems Safe for Heart Transplant Recipients
8/18/2014, WHO Urges Screening of Travelers to Contain Ebola Outbreak
8/17/2014, Early Research With Drug Restores Hair in Patients With Alopecia
8/17/2014, Ease Kids Into School Sleep Schedules