I Got My Confidence Back
I Got My Confidence Back
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Diagnosis and Treatment

Our specialists start with a complete assessment and evaluation of the condition. Many patients may require advanced testing to determine the problems. Your doctor will order the testing based on your symptoms.

Tests could include:

  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Anorectal manometry
  • Anal, pelvic and rectal ultrasound
  • EMG
  • Pudendal Nerve Latency Testing
  • Cine Defecography
  • Pelvic exam
  • Urodynamics

Once the patient has been diagnosed, they will receive guidance and education on treatment options from our pelvic health nurse navigator.

A comprehensive plan of care is provided by all specialists at one visit. Depending on your specific needs, several types of natural remedies and or the latest surgical treatments may be options to restore function or reduce symptoms.

They include, but are not limited to:

  • Pessary
  • Behavorial and lifestyle changes
  • Exercise
  • Pelvic muscle retraining (bio-feedback)
  • Bulking agents
  • Neuromodulation (InterstiM sacral nerve stimulator)
  • Laparoscopic or robotic approaches
  • Solesta

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