Leader in Joint Replacements
Leader in Joint Replacements
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What to Expect with a Joint Replacement

Successful joint replacement surgery and recovery requires active participation from the patient. The Roper St. Francis Joint Replacement Center is committed to positive outcomes and makes every effort to educate our patients prior to surgery so they can understand what happens before, during and after the joint replacement procedure.

Before Surgery:
Patients are given a comprehensive notebook with information explaining what to do before surgery, what to expect during their hospital stay and how to care for themselves when they are discharged. It includes instructions for strength-building exercises to do before and after surgery, post-operative precautions, as well as what patients can expect from their new joint.

Inpatient rehabilitation plays a vital role in a patient's full recovery and begins the day following surgery. Almost all of our patients are discharged directly to home. Occasionally, a patient may need to make further progress before going home. The patient's physical therapist, doctor and nurse will discuss if further rehab is necessary and if the patient should be transferred to a rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility.

Generally the patient is discharged on the second or third day following surgery. The patient notebook includes instructions for strengthening exercises and other information needed for a safe and successful outcome.