Make Every Moment Matter
Make Every Moment Matter
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Green Initiatives at Roper St. Francis

Roper St. Francis is engaged in a number of initiatives with the goals of improving the well-being of our environment. 

These initiatives include:

Recycling program at Roper and St. Francis Hospitals
Recycle plastic bottles, steel and aluminum cans, glass jars and bottles, all paper placed in shredding and recycling bins, cardboard and batteries

  • RSF recycled over 1,100 tons (2.2 millions pounds) of materials in 2008
  • Nearly 33% of total waste is recycled at Roper and St. Francis Hospitals
  • RSF recycled more than 570 tons of paper in 2008. That’s enough recycled paper to save 9,690 trees each year.
  • RSF recycled 212 tons of cardboard in 2008. This is enough recycled cardboard to offset 551 tons of CO2 or equivalent to removing 101 cars from the road.

Reprocessing of medical supplies reduces waste and cost

  • 4,751 devices reprocessed in 2008 generating over $131k in cost avoidance and a significant reduction in landfill and incinerated waste

System-wide Implementation of a Digital Film Environment (PACS) (Implemented in 2007 and 2008)

  • Use of film decreased by 174,500 sheets each year – a reduction in 7.9 tons of landfill waste per year.  The use of processing chemicals has also been eliminating preventing 2,410 non-recyclable plastic containers from reaching the landfill each year.
  • CO2 emissions related to the facility to facility transport of film has been greatly reduced – a reduction in 9 tons of CO2 emissions annually.  It takes 45 trees to offset 9 tons of CO2.


Virtual Mercury Elimination
Sphygmomanometers, thermometers, esophageal Bougie tubes and other equipment and supplies containing mercury removed and replaced with mercury-free alternatives. 


  • Encourage paperless meetings using visual and audio equipment
  • Financial packets previously printed and distributed to managers of each department now available on-line