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How Can I Join Advantage?

Advantage membership is open to all ages. Membership provides you access to a wide range of health and wellness programs. Topics range from exercise, healthy eating and cooking, stress management, caring for aging parents, informational lectures, social events, and much more. Advantage strives to provide you the tools to better manage your health so that it does not manage you. 

Advantage Gold - $15 Annually
The Advantage Gold membership provides the maximum savings for active individuals who engage in multiple programs. Gold members receive all the benefits of the Basic membership plus access to a wide range of health and wellness programs at significantly discounted prices with many offered free of charge.

Basic Membership - Free
The Basic membership is and ideal way to learn more about Advantage and its programs. Basic membership includes a complimentary copy of our quarterly Advantage newsletter and access to limited programs free of charge. 


To request information on becoming a member, call (843) 724-2489 or complete this form to receive by email.